Date watched: Saturday 22nd July 2017

Format: Cinema

Year released: 2017

First time watching?: Yes

From IMDb: “Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he’s still the best race car in the world.”

I’ll be honest, “Cars” has not been very high up on my list of favourite Pixar movies. The first movie was flat, and the second movie was just sheer ridiculousness. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about seeing “Cars 3” but we had a few hours to kill on a Saturday afternoon and I actually kind of enjoyed it.

This instalment is definitely better than the first two movies; the storyline was far more interesting, and the character development throughout the movie felt way more natural and realistic (you know for talking cars) than in the first movie.

Storywise it was more of a sequel to the first “Cars” movie than to the second, but “Cars 2” was completely ridiculous in my opinion. Lightning McQueen is starting to get old (by racing standards) and all the younger, more technologically advanced racers are moving up in the ranks, and his old racing buddies are starting to retire. Maybe because I’m nearly thirty I found I understood where Lightning’s character was standing, to watch all the youngsters starting to rise up and take the lead.

It was good fun. However, watching this movie in the cinema did make me realise something that did take away from the movie a bit in my view, which was how freaky the Cars eyes are. They always stay equidistant apart, and there’s no divide between them, and there’s just no life there. The light spot in their eyes is always in the same place and while the rest of the animation on the movies is bright and fun and colourful their eyes really gave me the wiggins this time around.

Entertaining enough to waste a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely the best of the three movies in the franchise. If they leave the series there I think it’ll be a natural stopping point. But it’s Hollywood – we know they won’t.

My rating: 6.5/10