Date watched: Thursday 3rd August 2017

Format: Disney Life

Year released: 2015

First time watching?: Yes

From IMDb: “In present-day Auradon, Ben, the teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle, is poised to take the throne. He offers a chance for redemption to the trouble-making teen descendants of defeated villains exiled to the remote Isle of the Lost. The villains’ descendants have been granted permission to attend prep school in the kingdom with the Disney heroes’ kids.”

I’ve been meaning to watch this little TV movie for a while. I’d heard some good things about it, and now that we’ve signed up to DisneyLife and apparently there’s a sequel coming out (?) I finally found the time to sit and watch it.

It was perfectly OK. Harmless Disney TV movie fun. The songs weren’t all that great, and the autotuning on the kids voices was horrific, but the story was pretty fun and it kept me entertained for two hours.

The four lead actors were reasonably sound in their roles – I imagine they’re mostly alumni from some of the many other Disney TV shows they have going on at the moment, but Dove Cameron was certainly strong enough to carry this movie as our primary lead.

Knowing Disney there’ll probably be a few sequels following this one, and although I doubt it it’d be nice if each one focused on a different villain’s offspring – this one focused primarily on Malificent’s daughter. I did spend a fair portion of the movie wondering where other parents were though – our four leads only seemed to have one parent each. In true Disney tradition I guess?

A cute little TV movie for a rainy afternoon sat chilling on the sofa. It won’t stay with you forever, and certainly not blockbuster material, but perfectly OK and fun for TV.

My rating: 6/10