Date watched: Thursday 22nd December 2016

Format: DVD

Year released: 1992

First time watching?: Nope


From IMDb: “The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic tale of an old and bitter miser’s redemption on Christmas Eve.”

This is my favourite Christmas movie. It’s the Muppets version of my favourite Christmas story so there’a a lot of love going on here. I actually think this version of “A Christmas Carol” is the most accurate movie adaptation out there.

Michael Caine has been quoted as saying this is one of his favourite movie roles, and he truly is the perfect Scrooge to headline the piece. Most actors in Muppet movies seem like they aren’t taking their roles seriously (which they probably aren’t and are just having fun) but it’s nice to see an actor taking the role seriously. I can’t picture anyone else playing Scrooge, and any other adaptation of the novel I see the actor playing the lead just doesn’t compare to Michael’s performance at all.

This was the first Muppet movie released after the death of their creator, Jim Henson, and I think the studios did a fantastic job with it. It’s also the first Muppet movie telling the story of a classic rather than an original Muppet story, and the Muppets are cast wonderfully in it. The escapades of The Great Gonzo as Charles Dickens and Rizzo the Rat as himself provide some great lighthearted entertainment for younger viewers and help to break up the darker tone of the story.

I reply on this movie every year to get me into the Christmas spirit. I love to sing along to the songs, which are still some of my favourite Christmas tunes; particularly ‘One More Sleep’ and ‘Feels Like Christmas’. They just feel so Christmassy and cheerful and never fail to make me smile and feel ready for the big day.

This movie is not a blockbuster or a piece of cinematic beauty, but my high rating is because “The Muppet Christmas Carol” never fails to bring a smile to my face, or get me into the Christmas spirit, or even to get me singing along with the songs (and those who know me know I never sing unless I am completely alone). I have no issues or flaws with movie; it is timeless, and as I said at the start of this mini adoring review, I think it’s the best movie version of “A Christmas Carol” that there is.

My rating: 10/10