Date watched: Sunday 13th November 2016

Format: Digital Download

Year released: 2016

First time watching? No


From IMDb: “In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy.”

I am a huge Disney fan. To the point that one of the items on my bucket list is visit every Disney theme park. So of course every time there’s a new Disney movie out I get stupidly excited about the whole matter.

I LOVED Zootopia. Or Zootropolis depending which country you’re in I guess. Not only did it live up to classic Disney with likeable characters and beautiful animation, but it was also a highly intelligent movie.

Bunny Judy Hopps is told from day one that a “bunny will never be a police officer” and she defies them all and proves that you can be whoever you want to be. Which in itself is a wonderful message from a Disney movie, but there is a hidden depth underneath this line of storytelling. This is just the top layer of Disney’s story; the undercurrent is about prejudice.

The idea that it is just predatory species “going savage” leads to a huge segregation between the species in the movie, and it is a wonderful message for the movie to convey not just to kids but to their parents as well. Disney coming out on top again with their storytelling in my opinion.

OK, I may be slightly biased because as I said at the start of this review: I adore Disney, but there is something in this movie for everyone. On our rewatch on the weekend my husband and I picked up one or two crude jokes that only the older generation would get that we’re sure demised upon our first viewing in the cinema. High standard from Disney is maintained in my view.

I’m excited for Moana.

My rating: 9/10